J.B. Heaton

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J.B. Heaton received his MBA and PhD in financial economics from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and his JD from the University of Chicago Law School, all in 1999.

He then joined Bartlit Beck LLP, where he was a litigation partner from 2004 to 2017, leading corporate, securities, and transactional litigation.  He received his undergraduate degree in finance from the University of Illinois in 1990 and spent two years in economic consulting before starting his graduate studies at the University of Chicago.

J.B. is an active researcher and writer and has published extensively in finance and law. His papers have been cited by courts and scholars around the world. He has taught at the law and business schools of the University of Chicago and Duke University and Northwestern University’s law school. J.B. is a member of the American Finance Association, the American Law and Economics Association, and the American Statistical Association.

J.B. Heaton Research LLC, an Illinois LLC, is focused on economic and financial research. In addition, and in affiliation with other consulting firms, J.B. provides expert witness consulting and testimony in litigation and regulatory proceedings in the following areas:

  • financial-market evidence
  • solvency tests in bankruptcy and corporate law
  • economic damages and corporate injury

You can download J.B.’s current CV here: 201901 JB Heaton CV. His Google Scholar page is available here.

For research inquiries, please call J.B. at (312) 257-3900 or email research@jbheaton.com.